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The Westhampton Citizens Association's first By-Laws were written in 1909.  Since then, the Association has had a long and rich history of having a voice in development issues as well as political events affecting our area.    Our role as advocates for the preservation and protection of the quality of our neighborhood continues to be our primary focus.

Over the past several years, the City of Richmond engaged in a master planning process called “Richmond 300.” Per the website, “Richmond 300: A Guide for Growth creates a more equitable, sustainable, and beautiful future for all Richmonders; so that when Richmond celebrates its 300th birthday in 2037, Richmonders can collectively see how equity- and sustainability-centered actions resulted in a beautiful city where all Richmonders thrive.” Do you know how Richmond 300 will affect your neighborhood? 

Richmond 300 was approved in 2021, and now the City will use its guidance to rewrite the zoning code. There are several key components that the WCA is following closely, as their adoption will have dramatic effects on our area: 

          • Elimination of minimum parking requirements for new construction.
          • Permitting of Accessory Dwelling Units through right of way, rather than through the special use process. 
          • Expanding housing opportunities with a stated goal of increasing density

The effectiveness of WCA’s advocacy depends most directly on the size and breadth of our membership. We hope you will join us in laying the groundwork for another 100 years of sustaining the wonderful Westhampton area. 

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Curious what we’ve been up to recently?

The WCA’s efforts during the 2020-2021 membership year included:

Zoning and Development Issues
  • Notices to WCA members about zoning and development proposals
  • Soliciting, collecting, and communicating member comments to City officials
  • Advocating for changes in some development plans to preserve the special nature of our neighborhoods (eg. building height and scale; increased density proposals; bike lane proposal that would have removed on-street parking for a portion of Grove Ave.)
2021 House of Delegates Candidate Meetings
  • Sponsored ZOOM meetings for WCA members with the three First District candidates 
Regular Interaction with Our City Council Member and Other City Officials
  • Frequent communication with City Council member and other officials about issues important to our area
Updates and Helpful Information for WCA Members
  • Reminders about First District meetings and other events
  • A new, refreshed WCA website
Annual Meeting and Party at The Country Club of Virginia
  • The Mayor, our City Council member, other elected officials and special guests attended

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