Membership in the Association is open to individuals, families, organizations and businesses residing or located within the Association Community.  Former residents who have moved to a location outside of the boundaries of the Association Community are also eligible.

                    Boundaries for Association Membership:   The section of the City of Richmond between the beltline (I-195) on the East, the James River on the South, the Richmond City limits on the west, and the southern side of Patterson Avenue on the North.

                    If you live within the boundaries (see map below) of the Association and would like to join, you may join by sending dues to:

Westhampton Citizens Association
P.O. Box 8418
Richmond, VA 23226

Or you may pay online by clicking on our Payments tab. Please email us with any questions:

Current Dues for membership in the Association are $50 per two-adult household or $35 per one-adult household.

                    Map of Association Area